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Welcome to Silver Cord Spiritual Science! We are Sean Bond and KJ (aka KJ Scoops).

We are spiritual healers who aid others in holistic healing and spiritual growth.

Our skills include Past Life Regression, Chakra Balancing, Reiki Healing and more.

Sean Bond


My name is Sean Bond, I am a Healer with a vast skill-set which includes:

  • The ability to read DNA records and Spirit (Light Body) wisdom
  • Accessing past life knowledge skill sets and dormant abilities
  • Reiki Master
  • Psionic Specialist
  • Meditation Instructor
  • Life Coach
  • Problem solver and Spiritual Conduit for teaching others about multidimensional awareness and interaction with all their individual DNA technologies, higher functions and operation systems within anyone's soul sparks/chards of their multidimensional self to help them manifest in the physical.

I'm skilled at accessing the user manual for DNA technology of the body to track issues back to the point of origin, in order to resolve any problem happening to the body or may be accessed by organic, spiritual technology within each individual. I assist in creating operating systems to help individuals manifest dormant abilities that unlock their psychic potential and upgrade the body's energy systems.

Everyone embodies spiritual technology which encompasses an infinite scope of possibility's, such as connecting the individual with their spiritual entourage, their higher selves, Great Spirit/The Creator, the Earth Mother's realms and/or other expressions of themselves through-out time and space to resolve issues and exchange wisdom, knowledge and skill sets.

Skill-sets I teach:

* Telepathy

* Psychic Tracking

* Law of Attraction Manifesting Increase

* Consciousness Time Travel

* Remote Viewing

* Quantum Field Control

* Psionic Defense

* Psychic Surgery

* Reiki

* Energy Manipulation & Balancing

* Co-Creating & Manifestation Techniques

Every one is born with a unique skillset of gifts just waiting to be unlocked. Sadly, most people go their entire lives with-out opening their own presents ie: Presence.

Anybody in need of help and assistance, especially Targeted Individuals “I HAVE THE TOOLS TO HELP YOU “

Please Sean Bond by email at sn_bond@yahoo.com

Or send a contact request on FB, after Sean accepts send a personal message asking to schedule a session

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Hello, my name is KJ, I am from the United States and I am naturally born with abilities and psychic awareness that went virtually untrained until adulthood when I consciously began discovering how to unlock my abilities. Since then, I have learned how to read and unlock my own DNA and in turn, use this knowledge to help others in various ways.
I have a range of clients from children, adults, the elderly and animals. Ailments I have treated range from chronic pain or distress in humans, to pets with anxiety and behavioral issues. However, the clients that resonate with me the most are children.
My work with children is of the utmost importance as children are our future. I will work with any child or adolescent with emotional, sensory, or behavioral issues, night time terrors and/or any issues at any and all levels of development. I scan for things that go unnoticed, are ignored, or are misdiagnosed by the typical medical professional - who is not trained to include the multi-dimensional aspects of the patient.
I have a degree in science with a concentration in education, and over 11 years experience as a teacher and director in early childhood environments. I have a strong passion for teaching and healing children.
I am a Personal Organizational Mentor, as well as a Life Coach, for clients who have simple organizational needs all the way to chronic disorganization. 
I am a multi-dimensional healer and a natural seer of the unseen. I work with clients to look up and down their timeline to help identify multiple types of blockages and issues that otherwise may go unnoticed, and I bring these issues to the surface to be resolved. Ultimately, the goal is to clear that aspect of the person’s multi-dimensional self to better aid them to continue their path with less interference, less pain and suffering of any kind and allow a clearer view of what is needed next. A past life issue can potentially affect the physical body now, in the present. I remove trapped emotions and much more from the past that cause pain and typically go unnoticed by most doctors, as the origin is not in the physical body, but in the past.

I am a solution-based healer. I believe in looking for and tracking issues and blockages back to their origin and starting the healing there - versus healing symptoms and ailments that will reoccur time and time again. My goal is to give people a kickstart to healing, and to better and more efficiently empower people to live more freely and see a clearer path towards their own goals and destiny.
I have the ability to help remove memory blockages, trapped emotions and items from past lives that can bleed over and make an impact on their physical and etherical environment now, in the present. My healing sessions are confidential with no judgment. The sessions are client-led and based on what the client needs or wants to gain from the experience.
All sessions are one hour in duration, unless arranged ahead of time. I start each session by clearing the client’s space, and an initial scan. I inform the client of all that I see as I go. I write these findings down and relay them as we go, so the client can decide what is the next best step for their needs. My fees are individual, and based on what is needed for that client - as all sessions and needs are different for everyone. If a client needs another payment arrangement, we will discuss it ahead of time or during the session.
I have a deep love for humanity and am here to help in the effort to become free in our ever-expanding, multi-dimensional puzzle.
I specialize in the following:
Life Coach/Mentor/Problem Solver – Solutions Based
Attachment/Composite Being/Demon Removal – from this life and all past lives
Etheric Implant Removal
Etheric Parasite Removal
Psionic Specialist
Memory Block Removal
Lineage Curse Removal
Work on Lowering Stress, Anxiety and Insanity Levels
Aura Repair
Psychic Tracking
Remote Viewing
Manifestation and Visualization Mentor
Psionic Defense
Psychic Surgery

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