Etheric Parasites removal

February 28, 2017 Uncategorized

Etheric Parasites are Etheric Type Elementals (other Parasitic Elemental Types besides the Etheric), that have been brought into a parasitic mode and habit patterns usually by abuse or trauma or domination in a hierarchical structure of manipulation and control and mind control.  They can range from small tick like being that travel through internet signals and electronics, to weaponized high stolen density of energy predators on all dimensional, energetic and elemental bandwidths such as light, astral, dream time, elemental, darkness, shadow, sexual energy (sexual body influence) that exist on that energetic dimensional space layered grid, sensual (sensual body influence), mental energy dimension, ect. Elementals have a zero point, geometric core and a projection of residual images that takes on different forms based on the consciousness that created them. Chess moves involved in their action and furthering there existence in a slower form of evolution are made in a weaponized fashion in creation in an industry for advanced targeting of other beings.

The most common of the intentions are similar those of etheric implants, Monitoring, Energy siphoning, mental Body monitoring , Multidimensional self hijacking, influencing timelines, events, opening alternate or split personalities, influence behaviors , emotions and habit patterns. This can limit and block the individual from growing and “Leveling up” faster and more efficiently, cutting off awareness, acting as a back door to the individual, causing dramatic chess moves, projecting pain into the individual and trapped emotions, used for projecting negative fine print spiritual contracts for experience to change the timeline for the individual and those around them .

We have learned the skill set in psychic surgery to remove these Entities and disarm booby traps, dead man switches, monitoring and resolving the drama entanglement and blockage removal to help clear up the individual and help their multidimensional self to learn skill sets for preventative care and maintenance so they will not get targeted and attacked so easily again down the road on their timeline. We teach the skill set to others if they do not underestimate and take care and do not abuse the process.

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