Composite Beings, also know as Demons

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What are demons? Demons are composite beings made up of thousands of beings combined together a dis incarnate entity (like a ghost that has been lost and/or anchored to the world though attachments and “unfinished business” to be resolved) that have forgotten how to find light and incarnate.  Or dont want to incarnate and is afraid or fearful of change.  The being has turned into a lower frequency consciousness of parasitic behavior that needs to steal energy from others to keep them selves on going (to survive) in that state of being.  They have habit patterns and strategies.  Demons are ghosts that have been around in the parasitic expression for awhile and have learned all the tricks of the trade,  there are different categories of composite beings such as; astral, dream time harvesters, feeders and invaders. They also come with leveling system based on how powerful they have become in there personal expression. Being in this state of conscious opens the human to being owned and/or “puppeted” by a larger multidimensional being and/or group.  When you break the free will of another being in natural law, you show you know very little about sovereignty and  free will of others ( being the monarch of the internal self and make all the decisions).  As the human beings sovereign free will is whittled down to almost nothing, they willingly give there power away to other beings above them, puppeting them.


They have the choice to ether use there free will or loose it.  Low sovereign free will manifests in parasitic behavior,  psychopathic, negative , disharmonic , unbalanced , egoic , low awarness , low care , negative dark expressions most of time and/or false light concepts. Our culture will bombard us with fear with movies of all powerful demons that could snap your neck, kill or haunt you.  This unfortunately is a potential reality with very concrete rules. They can only do harm to a being if they have given there power away through tacit consent. These beings are in a low vibrational state of consciousness.  For example it is fear where that being thrives as apposed to when that being is in bliss, happiness, joy and excitement which is very high emotional energy band width. These beings become very uncomfortable to be around people that go through these emotions.  It makes these entities raise rapidly in vibration of consciousness which they do not like and/or are afraid of, are  programmed to think ill of it, so they have to project low emotional states at people.


Solutions such as cultivate bliss in the pericardium of your heart (water sack around the heart)  that can be programmed structurally and energetically to help produce a bubble of sacred space around a being to attract charge from there environment and use it to amplify the generation of energy which can be used for multiple things like protection.  In reality you are an infinite being and all theses other beings are finite beings and you are much more powerful then any of them. They want to maintain the illusion that they are more powerful and shut the consciousness of the population down with fear.  So this fear programming ensures we never enter our power and regain all our sovereign free will and energy that has been stolen from us to propagate these negative parasitic systems.  If you do not believe in these beings it doesn’t really matter at all as long as you refuse to learn the mechanics of separating your local bubble of reality (through the process of the separation of densities of sacred living) from the aggregate bubbles of reality of every one on the planet that acts like a stitched quilt of every point of consciousness in expression experience and perception.  The planets bubble of reality that is holding space for all that life and the ancestors of that individuals DNA and all they have experienced believed and observed is past down in life memory.  Every person is agreeing to that arrogate of reality by incarnating here so there is a difference in truth and what a person wants to believe is truth (perception) because if a person doesn’t belief in the actions of some religious organization such as cult like organizations even in Christian expressions it doesn’t matter if you believe what they believe for them to have an impact on your life and reality.


Demons do not care if you do not believe in them in fact they prefer you do not.  This is because that makes the human being an easy target that will never do anything to protect them selves from something they do not think exists.  They will likely not dramatically attack that person because to them its a perpetually generator of energy food source that they will do there best to keep stealing that persons energy as secretly as possible, sometimes making the person feel great and instead of the person seeing and/or noticing them doing this.   The stealing and siphoning energy from the person can be done in various ways for example they use, feeder tubes (like a hose siphoning gasoline out of a car from a distance) or even psychic attack with the intention of stealing more then just energy such as a persons light body technology, dreaming bodies and/or spirit sparks (soul shard).  This will just manifest to the person that is unaware of what is happening such as random migraines, low energy, waking up tired, stomach pain , knee pain, neck pain, back pain, anxiety, stress, overwhelming feelings, huge increases of trapped emotions, fear, compulsion to do negative habit patterns that lead to more expulsion of energy.  Negative thoughts picked up from environment by parasympathetic manifestation such as the voice of the ego will appear often.  People need to be hyper self aware and question all of your thoughts because not all of the thoughts you hear are your thoughts (example if you walk into room and a thought goes though head of hurt the animal.  It is not your thought and very likely an entity of influence to change your life course. Make you question or take on aspects of your personality that are not you but will try to convince you that they are your thoughts. inevitably use you for energy and higher up agendas of beings controlling them such as suppressing a powerful spirit incarnate from becoming more powerful and preventing them from helping the people around them.


The important thing to know is you are more powerful then them. Knowing about them does not give them more power it gives you the opportunity to take your power back that each person has given away not just in this lifetime but many past lives that bleed over into the now that make up the multidimensionality of the spirit.  Having that infinite connection to the source fractal spark that’s inside each person will allow the individual to over come anything that comes there way.  Also knowing there is a difference between that and saying you just have faith ignoring the empowerment that is sent to the person so they can hold there own multidimensional weight up as a realized fractal of source.  Not giving your power away to beings out side of yourself.  That is not what we came here to do.  We came here to learn free will at the highest level through the hard knock school of life.  Your spiritual entourage guides, guards and sentinels are there to help you in your journey in union and communion of sacred neutral perspective, non competition, mutual beneficial co creation, remedy and resolve to help you achieve in the spiritual great work of higher awareness and multidimensional knowing of the self and going within.  Being able to eventually do every thing they do in protection for you, yourself so they can take on the other things that come to you and their way. If there is no intention to grow and learn for your self and no acknowledgment of the ancestors they get wary.


Ancestral Haunting


when the ancestors see a need for that person to go through more hard knock lessons till they realize they need to acknowledge the spirit and do the work necessary that they are straying from the original path they came here to do with distractions and illusions.   Acknowledging the spirit does not mean giving up who you are or what you want to do it means becoming more of who you are.  The more true version of yourself that is You, being in a state of being that indicated by excitement, happiness and optimum, emotional expression, getting better at dancing through your reality and every thing that is thrown at you to limit you or change your path negatively.  Instead of letting it bring you down using the very thing that would suppress you as a training course to make you stronger more resilient and better at being The I AM Multidimensional Self.


We remove Demons of all kinds


  • DNA Liniage
  • Ancestral Hauntings
  • Multidimensional apex Predator Demonics
  • Archonic Demons
  • Weaponized Demons
  • Time Line Demons
  • Dream Time Haunting
  • Astral Haunting

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